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JUN 18


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It’s around this point in the year – the point when you start checking the weather forecast more often than Instagram and finding a seat in a beer garden is rarer than one of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits – that getting beachy waves becomes an obsession.

That said, getting your hair to grow quickly is one of the most frustrating beauty dilemmas (though getting even eyeliner flicks comes pretty close). Growth creeps mere millimeters in months then plateaus, usually around the mid-boob area, with ends flicking out, like a bad version of ‘The Rachel’ circa 1994. Livid.

The causes of sluggish hair growth are varied and range from everyday stresses, hormonal fluctuations and diets lacking in iron, to just bad luck on the gene front or over-styling. You’ll be pleased to know if ending your love affair with straighteners or quitting your job in favour of a yoga retreat in Ibiza isn’t an option, there are plenty of products out there to speed things along.

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