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APR 30

POSTED BY: Akatech Solutions | | DATE: April 30, 2016. | Source: www.eonline.com

Prepare to have your world come crashing down, because there is a Disney theory that's sure to upend everything you thought you knew.

There is nothing the Internet loves more than finding crazy theories about the movies we love.

No matter how many times we re-watch Disney and Pixar classics, there will always be Tumblr accounts digging into the cameos and references we may have missed.

This Tumblr theory (which was brought to our attention via Someecards), points to a connection between Beauty and the Beast (1991) and Aladdin (1992) that most fans probably never noticed.

It's in a seemingly innocuous scene in Beauty and the Beast when Belle visits a local bookstore to return a book she borrowed.

Is this just a scene to show the viewer that Belle's an intellectual?

No, there is so much more.

Belle's favorite book describes the plot of Aladdin.

Far off places? Agrabah.

Daring sword fights? Heck, even Abu the Monkey wields a sword at one point.

Magic spells? Genie, ding ding ding!

And a prince in disguise? Prince Ali has an entire musical number, baby girl.

We don't discover Prince Ali's true identity until the third act of the film Aladdin.

Granted, the book itself that Belle is reading shows artwork that could also represent other Disney films with similar plots.

Beauty and the Beast and Sleeping Beauty feature similar elements.

Beauty and the Beast has a distant castle in the woods, Gaston fighting the beast with a sword, a magical rose and a castle under a spell, and Belle doesn't know the prince thing about Beast until later in the film.

So, perhaps some foreshadowing?

Sleeping Beauty, as well, deals with far off places and magical spells.

Aurora doesn't know Prince Phillip is royalty at first, despite his hella princely looking outfit.

Plus, Phillip battles the evil Maleficent with a sword.

Our hearts still trust the Tumblr investigation behind Aladdin, but like a Netflix documentary, we're trying to give you all the facts.

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