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APR 30

POSTED BY: Akatech Solutions | | DATE: April 30, 2016. | Source: www.eonline.com

It's that time again! Time to turn your beloved childhood movies into a dark piece of art that will change everything you ever thought about that film! Yay!

Today, it's The Incredibles, arguably one of the greatest Pixar films of all time. The theory has somehow been dragged up from the depths of Tumblr and 4Chan, and it's actually pretty depressing. But it does have a happy ending. Kind of. Or at least a lesson learned. And isn't that the point of Pixar movies in the first place?

So, you all remember the famous "no capes" scene when Mr. Incredible goes to see Edna Mode to try and get a new superhero costume. She goes on and on about all the past superheroes who have died because of their capes getting caught in stuff, like vortexes and missiles.

And of course, there was Stratogale, the hero who got sucked into a plane engine by her cape.


That's actually extremely dark when you really think about, because as people on the Internet pointed out, her being sucked into the turbine might have brought the plane down. But it gets worse...

When you look at Stratogale's stats that were released as part of special feature on the DVD, you'll see her real world identity was that of a high school student.


She was just a girl.

And remember that supers were sent into hiding because of the public blaming them for all the destruction and collateral damage. And when you consider that maybe that plane came crashing down…that scene gets very, very real.

And of course, Edna is the one who designed Stratogale's super suit. Do you think she blames herself? Of course!

The other part of this theory is the idea that Syndrome came to Edna at some point to design his own supersuit, since she's obviously the best in the business. Edna, knowing that Syndrome was turning into a villain or perhaps already was one, did the only thing she could to help protect her beloved super clients.

She gave Syndrome a cape.


And that is the story of how Edna Mode turned her guilt over the death of a young superhero into a way to help out the Incredibles. Basically, if you ever doubted that Edna wasn't the secret star of that movie, there is no denying it now.

Of course, the big hole in this theory is the fact that Syndrome makes everything himself, boots, weapons, etc. So, it's not likely he went to someone else for his suit. However, he loved Mr. Incredible so much, it's possible he wanted to go to the same person who made his idol's costume.

Pretty twisted tale about a Pixar film, right? Well, at least we're getting a sequel soon and hopefully, that movie won't include the tragic death of a high school student. As long as they all remember:


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