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AUG 14

POSTED BY: Akatech Solutions | | DATE: August 14, 2016. | Source: 01net.com

Whether compact or ultra PHABLET format, the high-end smartphones feature with the latest technology and offer the best performance. Here are the top 10 according to the testing lab 01net.com.

Difficult to fight against Samsung. With the recent release of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Galaxy Edge, the Korean brand not up less than 5 models in the top 10.

The crumbs are shared between the Huawei Mate 8, the amazing Passport BlackBerry, iPhone 6s Plus (single Apple model in the ranking), the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL and the Sony Xperia Z5 bringing up the rear. Note that despite its excellent autonomy, the aging Galaxy Note 4 out of the rankings after valiantly held the seats of choice.

Why buy a high-end smartphone?

Found on the smartphone market low cost, less than 200 euros, the constantly improved performance and consistent 4G. So why pay triple or more for high-end? Just because the flagship models are distinguished by both sophisticated design, ultra often with larger screens and better, but also a real versatility. Very powerful, they show particularly high performance 3D gaming, photo and video.

All 4G without exception, the high-end smartphones feature the latest technological advances and a recent version of the system that animates them, even the latest, be it Android, iOS or Windows, by example. Their batteries are generally high capacity giving the mobile toughness beyond the day. The processors chosen by the manufacturers are among the most recent, and photo, the number of megapixels flies while new functions bloom. Many models of our selection filming, for example, "4K" (3840 x 2160 pixels).

Only major brands are ...

Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Huawei, Sony and even BlackBerry are represented in this top 10. Two notable absentees are still felt: HTC with its new 10 who just arrived at the lab of 01net.com and LG , the G5 will not be long to be marketed. It is quite possible they are found in the next edition of this ranking. Finally, one might wonder about the low representation of Apple, king of high-end, in this selection.

Apple iPhone 6s

The ratings are essentially a reflection of pure technical performance with a high coefficient assigned to endurance. Now the iPhone (except the most 6s) are not yet the most autonomous smartphone market according to stringent testing lab 01net.com.

Here are the top 10 high-end smartphones tested by the lab 01net.com until April 15, 2016.

10. Sony Xperia Z5

With his back matt glass, Z5 looks good. This model adopts a high-performance fingerprint reader but embarks for the sulfur processor and powerful Snapdragon 810. A lament:

a phenomenon of heat and an average battery life of the most demanding uses. We appreciate, however, Sony, without too intrusive overlay.

9. Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

With this great model of 5.7 inches, Microsoft delivers its first smartphone running Windows 10. Some features are very interesting, as Continuum which allows connecting to a monitor to transform almost any PC.

. If we regret a little limited autonomy to such a size, we like however photos performance rather good.

8. Apple iPhone 6s More

Despite its large size, the iPhone 6s More is a safe bet with its beautiful display of 5.5 inches and excellent picture skills even though they have lost some of their supremacy against the competition.

Like its predecessor the iPhone 6 Plus at the time, he became the enduring iPhone, always one step (becoming smaller) behind the Galaxy.

7. BlackBerry Passport

With its surprising square format in which it will be used and the physical keyboard, the Passport target primarily the business.

Comes with the latest version of the BlackBerry OS (10.3), it displays top-flight performance that will be sensitive all audiences, not just professionals.

6. Samsung Galaxy S6

Certainly in the renovation of its design, the Galaxy S6 has lost the memory card reader and removable battery S5 ...

But it is a success because it is perfectly balanced. Fast, tough, sophisticated design, the frieze above excellence in photography, including low light.

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 Edge displays exactly the same performance as the normal S6. Except for some slightly different measurements, it is characterized by its curved screen, stylish, but not necessarily more useful.

The 64GB model is, logically, a little better ranked than the previous S6, which embeds 32 GB.

4. Huawei Mate 8

With its 000 mAh battery of 4, this PHABLET 6 inches without souriciller than 12 hours of autonomy in our versatile test. What easily hold two days without recharging.

It is also very powerful and compact despite the size of its screen. An excellent choice.

3. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge More

The PHABLET version of the Galaxy S6 Edge is gaining significantly in endurance face to it and proves equally powerful.

This 5.7-inch smartphone is not flawless (we would have liked, for example, a MicroSD card slot) but it is technically one of the best in the market, especially in photo-video.

2. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Ultra autonomous, powerful, beautiful and great photo, the Galaxy S7 Edge has it all. Samsung has even corrected a little too sharp grip of his predecessor.

Remains that apart from the aesthetic interest curved edges, one still wonders what they do every day.

1. Samsung Galaxy S7

And here's the new king of smartphones. This update of the Galaxy S6 major corrects the main defects - the return of the microSD card - and further improves certain issues like usability, power and especially autonomy.

If you are looking for the very best technically at the moment, the question no longer arises.

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